Help Navigating the Yuma Hamfest Website

Occasionally we've had complaints from visitors to our website that they cannot find any information. We realize not everyone is a computer guru, so here's some help.

Step 1. The secret is the blue menu bar. Because there is so much information at this site, we've had to employ a menu bar to provide access to 60+ web pages without cluttering up the home page with that many links. The menu bar looks like this on our home page:

Step 2. When your mouse cursor passes over one of the menu bar items, it will change color and a list of sub-menu items will drop down, like this:

Step 3. After you have clicked a menu selection and have looked at that information, you simply return to the previous page where you started (i.e., where the blue menu bar items are). To do that, you simply use the Back button of your browser. With Internet Explorer, the Back button is in the upper left-hand corner of the screen and looks something like the green arrow below. Just click that button to return to the previous page. Click the Back button above now and try experimenting with the menu bar. It's easy!